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Side Effects of Acupuncture?

3 Superpower Side Effects of Acupuncture

When your acupuncturist inserts a needle, they contain or releases a group of neuro-transmitting gasses like nitric oxide.

This gasotransmitter acts to restore and maintain body homeostasis by working as a biological mediator and important chemical transmitter throughout the body.

By working upstream of so many chemical processes, acupuncture can give you many positive side effects.

Just like a pressure cooker, the microbiomes of your body function by containing and releasing pressure, moisture, and heat. This is how you naturally garden your internal Eden.

Direct Blood Circulation

It also influences how and where your blood circulates and which tissues are given priority.

Viagra also works with nitric oxide. Increased blood circulation for internal and external organ function is a happy side effect of acupuncture.

2. Kill pathogens

Nitric oxide is also anti-bacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. "There is evidence that NO can kill viruses and, in particular, coronavirus."

3. Turns fat into energy

In human and animal studies, acupuncture helps burn fat. It has been shown to help with energy balance so that if you have extra fat, your energy levels increase, and your appetite decreases, so you feel like moving and exercising longer.


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