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Quorum sensing and Biofilms

Quorum sensing (QS) is cell-to-cell communication. It allows bacteria to communicate and adapt to your immune system. One of the best ways it beats your immune system is by building fortresses. Biofilms are like clusters of dried snot. They can get as hard as bone and create a fortress for pathogens that evade the immune system. This is where bacteria team up with mold and yeasts and even use microplastics as scaffolding for their castles. These biofilm castles resist antibiotics, your body’s inflammation, and white blood cells. Once you are weak, they spill out and begin to attack. This is why so many chronic diseases are associated with build-ups of mucus and phlegm. Until these fortresses are destroyed, they serve as hideouts for opportunistic pathogens to evade your immune system and hurt you. Biofilms occur in body regions ranging from areas as diverse as the mouth and vagina. They can contribute to mysterious systemic diseases and infertility.
From the security of their biofilms, they venture out and hack into your brain. They mess with your hypothalamus creating regions of temperature and moisture that they need to thrive and continue to eat you. They make mini swamps inside of you. To defeat them and clean them out, you will want to regain control of the temperature and moisture levels of your central microbiomes. Phellodendron Bark (Huang Bai) is your friend. It can help dry and cool these microbial jungles. It contains high levels of berberine which disrupts communication among pathogenic bacteria. Berberine in Huang bai can disrupt quorum sensing of pathogenic bacteria allowing you to regain control. Quality matters: 30-year-old semi-wild Huang Bai is all we use. We make sure the cork is removed. Cheaper versions are sold with the cork on; the cork has negligible amounts of berberine. 30-year-old Huang bai dry fried. We use it in our Er Miao wan. What is extraordinary about our er Miao is that it contains no fillers and has a water content that outshines industry standards. It is made with water and then dried traditionally, handcrafted by a master pill maker. He was retired but was excited to work with us because the quality we use is so hard to find. Er Miao is used for damp-heat in the urogenital microbiome. This is why it has a diverse range of benefits. These benefits include everything from gout to fertility and hot flashes. Focus on the overall growing conditions of the urogenital microbiome rather than getting distracted by the manifestation. Below is a list of traditional indications which let you know the growing conditions are too moist and hot. Dry or sticky aftertaste in the mouth
No desire to drink
Painful or scanty urination
Weakness of the legs
Thick yellow vaginal discharge
Red or swollen knees
Dry legs or “ snakeskin ” on the legs
Toenail fungus
Pimples on the insides of the legs
You generally see this with a thick coating, especially on the back of the tongue, and with a soggy or rapid radial pulse. You may look at irregularities in aquaporins, elevated protein in the urine, and general inflammatory markers when combined with two or more of the above symptoms.

Quorum sensing and Biofilms
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