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Zhu Dan Xi was a Yuan dynasty physician known for gynecology.

In obese people, Qi deficiency leads to the generation of cold syndromes. Cold leads to the formation of dampness, and dampness leads to phlegm, so obesity is commonly attributed to cold damp.-Zhu Dan Xi, Today we may say that a deficiency of gasotransmitters such as Nitric oxide can lead to reduced metabolism, water retention, gut dysbiosis, and biofilm formation. Zhu Dan Xi was a big proponent of tonifying yin (Hormone replacement therapy), however, he knew the dangers of supplementing before first taking into account food stagnation, phlegm, and other blockages to the digestive organs.
This is because gut dysbiosis and hidden pathogens can contribute to molecular mimicry creating hormonal chaos. It is not responsible to try to balance hormones until this variable is taken into account.
He called these the stagnations or oppressions.
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Zhu Dan Xi was a Yuan dynasty physician known for gynecology.
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